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Around Town & In The Community – February 2017

Jo Ann Robinson_web

Jo Ann Robinson

Today’s feature is Jo Ann Robinson. There were MANY people who worked behind the scenes to make sure the movement progressed. Without their tireless work, the civil rights movement would have stagnated and never...

Daisy Bates_web

Daisy Bates

Today, we will be featuring Daisy Bates, a Civil Rights Crusader. Her activism and leadership was pivotal to the integration of the Little Rock Nine.  



Today, we will be featuring our first Civil Rights organization. The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, commonly referred to as SNCC, was truly one of the, if not the most, important organization during the Civil...

Bob Moses_web

Robert Parris Moses

On the tenth day of Black History Month, we honor Robert Parris Moses, commonly referred to as Bob Moses. This man was the mastermind behind the Mississippi Freedom Summer and the tactics of SNCC...

Septima Clark_web

Septima Clark

Black History Month: Septima Clark! One of our personal heroes at the UMN camp. She shows us that teaching is a pivotally potent form of social justice. To teach the next generation is something...

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