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"One hundred years of changing what it means to be blind" 0

Where The Blind See

The statue in the lobby was commissioned by BISM in celebration of its 100th Anniversary.  It embodies what the Rehabilitation Program at BISM does, which is to teach blind children, adults and seniors to...

2014-08-26-FannieLouHamer 1

Adapting Fannie Lou-derived Work for the DC Stage Helps Its Light Shine

One of the interesting aspects of “Scenes and Songs from Fannie Lou” is its ability to be fluid, yet still get the message of the voting-rights struggle across to audiences, according to composer/lyricist Felicia...

From L to R: Veronisé McCoy, “Leading Lady” Lucille Kennedy, 
Jacqueline Brooks, Keynote Speaker Phyllis Cunningham and 
Mistress of Ceremonies Willette Johnson. 0

50 Years of Making Women Feel Beautiful!

—By Theresa Bryant, Special to Point of View— For 50 years, Lucille Kennedy has been an entrepreneur in the Greater Springfield area. She’s a hair stylist who has provided hair care to a multitude...

Rick and Bobby Hurst 0


—By Frederick A. Hurst— More than a year ago my brother asked me to be in his wedding. Though I’m not big on weddings, I certainly couldn’t turn him down. He is a good...

White Rachel Dolezal chose to be Black:  WHY NOT? 1


—By Frederick A. Hurst—   I’m a bit bothered by the hypocrisy that seems to undergird the outrage over a White woman in Spokane, Washington who led the Spokane NAACP while passing for Black....

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