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Marjorie Hurst, Editor and Frederick Hurst, Publisher

An African-American Point of View (Point of View) is a free newsmagazine by and for the African-American community and for other readers who are interested in news from and about the African-American community.  Topics covered appeal to a wide audience, are educational and informative. Our writers are diverse and their points of view are many. 

Point of View, which is owned by attorneys Frederick and Marjorie Hurst, was started in March, 2003 as a quarterly, progressed in its second year to every other month and in its third year to a monthly. 

We are now in our 15th year of operation. In addition to our regular monthly edition, Point of View produces topical specials from time to time, such as: Health, Diversity Matters and Education.  Our average monthly circulation is 12,500 and our readership is approximately 30,000. Point of View is distributed to over 500 locations, within Greater Springfield and Greater Hartford. 

Point of View is an ideal publication for advertisers who want direct access to the African-American consumer markets in the above-listed distribution areas.  It is solidly entrenched in those areas and we invite advertisers to grow with us as we expand into other markets.  We have studied similar publications in each of these markets and can say with confidence that no other equivalent publication approaches the signature quality that Point of View offers, a fact that is echoed in the responses of our readers and the loyalty of our advertisers.

For more information about Point of View, visit our website at www.afampov.com or call or visit our office at the above number and address.





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